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hi love, I'm Maryliam

I'm a licensed esthetician based in New York City, bringing over two decades of experience and knowledge from the beauty, cosmetic dermatology, and aesthetic industry into my studio.


SkinFluxe combines my love and expertise in results-driven aesthetics, energy work, eastern healing techniques, and skin health to create a one-of-a-kind treatment each time. Leaving you restored, replenished, and with glowing healthy skin. 

SkinFluxe supports and facilitates beauty wellness by blending modern technology, eastern healing techniques, and the balancing energy of "reiki" to create a whole-body experience and healthy glowing skin. 

a little more...

Hello there!

Welcome to my vision, my dream, and now my reality. I’m so excited to share with you a little bit about myself and take you on the beautiful journey that is SkinFluxe.
It all started when I was a small child in my aunt’s boutique beauty spa. I would spend hours a day watching as she transformed client after client from tired, frazzled, and dry into sparkling & refreshed.
More than just the physical transformation, what I remember most is the dramatic change in her client’s energy after a treatment. It was then that I realized there was a healing component to the skin and body care that wasn’t just physical.
From that time forward, beauty and skincare became my passion, leading me to a successful career managing a prestigious cosmetic dermatology practice here in New York City. For over16 years I worked as the Clinical Coordinator & Director of Operations for the renowned Wexler Dermatology Cosmetic and Surgical Practice in NYC. Here I gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of clinical skincare between working alongside board-certified dermatologists and supporting clients. 
Since then, I've made the change from running a business to owning one! My drive to learn more about skincare has led me to get my esthetician license, Reiki I & II Certifications, and Advanced Holistic Facial Modalities Certifications. Empowered by this education, my years of experience and hands-on training, and some excellent mentors, I opened SkinFluxe, my skincare studio.


SkinFluxe is an experience grounded in the healing power of “touch”. The studio combines my love for results-driven aesthetics, energy work, eastern healing techniques, and skin health to connect with my clients on a deep level. No two treatments are ever the same! 


My technique combines the use of technology, plant-based products and balancing energy with deeply relaxing massages to create a purely soulful skin experience. My hope is that my integrative holistic approach will leave you feeling rejuvenated and with healthy, glowing skin.

See you in the studio!

Owner and Esthetician 

Image by Bartosz Klukaczewski

client love

"Maryliam has the touch of someone who has been a healer in many lifetimes, and seamlessly blends her training in several holistic massage modalities with modern-day and results driven technologies.  After a candid conversation about my skin, lifestyle, and goals for my session, she set to work.  Her magic hands melted my facial tension and guided me into a sublimely meditative state for the rest of the treatment (a difficult task considering my hectic weekday life).  After my thorough cleansing massage, she applied a series of exfoliant preparations, customized for my ultra-sensitive skin from her carefully curated back bar of products."

—  Kristen L

certifications & licenses

safety & infection control

Barbicide Covid 19 Certification for the Beauty Professional Industry 
Barbicide Certification for Sanitation and Disinfection 
Milady Certification for Infection Control 
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