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SkinFluxe is a beauty wellness studio grounded in plant-based and clinical skincare philosophies.  We offer advanced technologies infused with eastern healing modalities and the balancing energy of "reiki" creating healthy glowing skin and a whole-body experience. 

hi love, I'm Maryliam

I'm a licensed esthetician based in New York City, bringing over two decades of experience and knowledge from the beauty and cosmetic industry into my studio.


SkinFluxe combines my love and expertise in results-driven aesthetics, energy work, eastern healing techniques, and skin health to create a one-of-a-kind treatment each time. Leaving you restored, replenished, and with glowing healthy skin. 

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let's get you in the studio!


Book a facial based on how much time you'd like to be in the studio and let me take care of the rest!


Treatments will include customized ingredients and techniques that work with your specific skin needs and conditions. This is a great option if it's your first time seeing me!

 specialized skin & body treatments

We're a transformative destination for facials that redefines the concept of skin health. Our approach is truly integrative, combining modern technology with Eastern healing techniques and the power of natural and clinical ingredients. We believe in creating more than just beautiful skin; we are committed to delivering a whole-body experience that leaves you feeling radiant, healthy, and supported.

client love

"Maryliam has the touch of someone who has been a healer in many lifetimes, and seamlessly blends her training in several holistic massage modalities with modern-day and results driven technologies.  After a candid conversation about my skin, lifestyle, and goals for my session, she set to work.  Her magic hands melted my facial tension and guided me into a sublimely meditative state for the rest of the treatment (a difficult task considering my hectic weekday life).  After my thorough cleansing massage, she applied a series of exfoliant preparations, customized for my ultra-sensitive skin from her carefully curated back bar of products."

—  Kristen L

5 Step Morning & Night Skincare Regimen (plus simple, holistic rituals to ground you)!

Get grounded and glowing with this simple 5-step morning and night routine!

Inside you'll find a step-by-step guide for your morning and nighttime routines, along with a few bonus rituals I personally use every day to stay grounded. 


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the studio

Reach out and say hi!

SkinFluxe Studio 

Located within Nest Wellness
13-15 West 28th Street Suite 5R
New York, NY 10001

Thanks so much! I'll get back to you shortly.

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